I had moved on
I had let you go

I had accepted the truth
- Myself without you
On my side

I could wake up
Swetty and upset
In the middle of a night
And not ask "Why"
Just go back to sleep

During days
I was always in a hurry
Always running to
Nothing in my mind

But sometimes

Staring to nowhere
Thinking nothing
I was interrupted

An ancient habit:
Seeing your face
Somewhere they
Could not be

My heart
Skipping a beat
Before I could stop it

And powerless to repel it
- My empty mind
Was filled with
Secret images
With denied feelings and
Dreams I wasn't supposed
To have


I remembered then
I had dreamed of you
That night
You were in my heart

Old lies, they die hard
Old loves, they die harder

...Or never